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The Cornwall Guide blog is the place to come to if you want to learn about Cornwall, its rich heritage and coastline. You may be a visiting holidaymaker or a local. We have something for everyone from local events in Cornwall to tide times and local weather forecasts for the next week. We also have an active lifestyle blog talking about everything from the beaches in Cornwall to the best places to stay, to eat and so much more!

We love Cornwall and Cornish life and hope you do too! If you feel anything is missing on our website, please do let us know. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and share your photos of Cornwall with us.

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We are very lucky to live in cornwall and call it home!

We are like any other family in Cornwall or anywhere else for that matter. We love where we live and value the natural beauty we are lucky to be surrounded by.

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We love to write about Cornwall but also like to try and share those lesser-known facts as well. Check out our blog for all the Cornwall goodness you can handle

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